Villa Federici


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Villa Federici, history's living breath

Set in the rolling hills of the enchanting Marche Region, not far from Urbino and very close to the Adriatic coast our historic residence provides you with the perfect backdrop for your prestigious events and for your memorable wedding!

Calmness, art and history

The villa still breathes the atmosphere of the xviith century due to its sober and harmonious architecture, its precious gravestones and its consecrated family chapel hosting the remains of saint ticiarino (holy crusader of the xiiith century). A place for the regeneration of the soul, surrounded by the centuries-old park which will be opened again to welcome the public for ceremonies and moments of conviviality. In addition to the main building, the estate, which is surrounded by the park, also houses a tensile structure and an intimate church.

Domenico Federici

Villa Federici (xviith century) owes its name to the abbot Domenico Federici (Bargni 1633-1720). Founder of the biblioteca federiciana, poet, writer, law historian and secretary of the imperial embassy in Venice.

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